The design duo behind Consort, Mat Sanders and Brandon Quattrone, know a thing or two about decor, having a knack for bright interiors that always hit a stylish note without feeling too trendy. Think a fresh white kitchen showcasing wicker chairs with a metal base that effortlessly strays away from a relentless shabby-chic vibe. Or a moody living room that brings together jeweled tones and velvety textures, but doesn’t feel overly ominous when paired with a cream rug and gilded extras. These interior mavens perfectly combine elements of design with an overall case for comfort. Here, they give us their top tips and tricks for adding a fresh summer update to your interiors.

#TheLIST Best Dressed: June 9, 2017
1Dynamic Spaces
Reid Rolls

“When designing in a large, open space, arrange furniture strategically to create separate living zones for specific activities. In this living room, we used a vintage leather daybed to designate separate TV watching spaces and conversation areas.”

2Tactile Extras

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3Monochrome Master
Laure Joliet

“Our key to avoiding monotony when going monochrome? Play with tonal and textural variations. Employ differing shades of your primary color in contrasting textures to create a lush and layered effect that’s anything but boring. Think: light gray wood meets slate gray cashmere; soft creamy wool meets crisp white tile.”