Games Inbox: Red Dead Redemption II delay reaction, Dark Souls in Smash Bros., and Monster Hunter sales

Games Inbox: Are you upset at the Red Dead Redemption II delay?

Red Dead Redemption II – are you surprised it’ll be late? The morning Inbox asks for a rethink on Nintendo’s single-player DLC, as one reader suggests a Resident Evil Battle Royale.

Make way

Although it’s great to have a release date for Red Dead Redemption II, I would have preferred a May release akin to their usual release window. I will still be picking it up on release but feel it’s a shame it’s been delayed as it’s the perfect type of game to keep you going through quieter summer months.

It’s also a game that will cannibalise sales of other games, so I hope this release of late October will make other publishers make sure their games are a little before or after at the least (well the ones with any sense will anyway).

Really looking forward to playing it, it’s going to be hard fitting in other games with this coming out in such a busy period.
PS: Regarding Sega hinting at a new Sonic game, I would love it to be Sonic Adventure 3 (I don’t hold out much, if any, hope though). I know a lot of people seem to dislike the 3D Sonic games but I really liked the Sonic Adventure games and have found the entries since disappointing in comparison.

GC: We’d be willing to bet that publishers will be just as idiotic about release dates as usual. They never seem to learn.


It’ll be out when it’s finished

So we finally have a date for Read Dead Redemption II, comes as no surprise that it’s been ‘delayed’ but after an almost identical schedule to GTA V before that was released I’m thinking that the ‘delays’ are pre-planned in a way to generate hype. Obviously, in the short run people are gonna be unhappy, but in the long run people will still buy it, and the wait makes most of us more eager to get our hands on it.

When GTA V was announced, virtually all things went quiet for nearly a year barring a few screenshot; until the second teaser trailer, which stated a spring release date. That spring release date was looking more in doubt as the lack of info/trailers were shown, and then at the end of January the announced the delay until autumn.

Now look at the Red Dead Redemption II timeline so far and it’s been very similar.

I find it hard to believe that it’s coincidence, but in fairness if it is a ploy to generate hype it works.

GC: Why would Rockstar, of all companies, need to generate hype in such an artificial and underhand way? The timeline is similar because that’s the way Rockstar makes games. They don’t talk about titles much before they come out and they happily delay them if they feel they need to.


Third party logic

Nintendo releasing a new or updated Smash Bros. to coincide with their online service costing money makes sense. Although whatever happens I assume it’s coming out this year anyway. As ever the question everyone wants to know is what new characters are going to be added, and you’ve got various shoe-ins such as the Splatoon Inklings and ARMS characters. Someone from Xenoblade Chronicles 2, I’d imagine.

Those are very welcome but it’s the third party ones that are so much fun to speculate on because they could be almost anything. Logically though, you’ve got to assume that the most likely are those that have already had an impact on the Switch or are about to. To me that makes Bomberman (who’s often been rumoured before) and rabbids extremely likely.

Maybe something from Bethesda too. Skyrim doesn’t have a central character but maybe Doomguy? It seems ridiculous but Bayonetta is from an 18-rated game, so why not? But the one I just realised is also quite possible is Dark Souls. Nintendo made a big fuss about it coming to Switch, and Bandai Namco’s Pac-Man is already in the game, so why not? Anyone else got any good ideas?


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Monster success

Just read into Capcom’s financials this week (they had them at the same time as EA and Nintendo) and apparently they’ve shipped 5 million copies of Monster Hunter: World already. That’s not quite the same as sold but I think it’s a fantastic start and in one week has pretty much turned the series into a mainstream hit. Fantastic!

As a long term fan of the series I was worried it was going to get beaten by Dragon Ball FighterZ, but I was very glad to see it was number one in the UK and Japan this week. It sold 1.25 million copies in Japan on its first day, which is amazing for that. Obviously they’re the biggest market but it all seems to be going really well.

I know the game can be a bit obscure and fussy but if you give it time it really is amazing fun and very satisfying with friends. Monster Hunter was never going to be big in the West when it was only on portables but I’m now hoping it can be as big as Resident Evil for Capcom.
Turbo Kid


Royale Resident

Raccoon City Battle Royale… imagine roaming around opening a door to see a room full of zombies, or you are hiding somewhere from somebody with no ammo just to see Nemesis come along and wipe out your rivals.

Do you go into the potentially licker-filled police station for a shotgun or stick with your handgun?
Will N

GC: If Capcom had more experience with open worlds we think this would’ve happened already.


Season renewal

I don’t mind Nintendo getting more into games as a service, as their support for Splatoon 2 and ARMS has been excellent. But I do think they need to rethink things when it comes to single-player games because the Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Season Pass was not really worth it. If anything the little gadgets, like the map overly from the first DLC was more worthwhile than the tacked on story in the second and the motorbike that didn’t really work properly.

It’s not just them that has this problem, of course, but whether it’s withheld content or not everything always feels so tacked on with story DLC and I can only think of a handful that seemed anywhere near worthwhile (The Witcher 3 was probably the best).

Personally I don’t see that Zelda even needs DLC, given how long it is, but I think they would’ve been much better of creating a new little area or something. The new dungeon was the best bit, simply because it was obviously new and not just something they’d squeezed into a spare spot on the map.


Buy the T-shirt

Got some news for those who are Call of Duty fans. Primark are selling Call Of Duty T-shirts new for £3. They have a skull with the jawbone missing, so they are fairly recent ones.

Here are the relevant codes for those interested so you can check if any are in stock in your store over the phone or in person: RN code:145478, item numbers: 1115432740 and 002706.

Feel free to share this news with Call Of Duty fans.
gaz be rotten (gamertag)


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Taste your medicine

Perhaps I’m being naive here but I really don’t understand why these companies are always so desperate to buy each other out. They only seem to use half of what they buy and the junior partner always ends up withering away, along with all their games. EA are the obvious examples, given the fate of Westwood Studios, Bullfrog, Pandemic, and half a dozen others so it’d be kind of funny to see how they like it.

Except it wouldn’t really, because I imagine hundreds, if not thousands, of people will lose their jobs. There’s got to be tons of people doing basically the same thing that they won’t need, and that’s assuming Microsoft doesn’t want to shut down underperforming studios, like Ghost Games making Need For Speed.

You’ve got to wonder why companies like BioWare or Respawn ever allowed themselves to be bought by EA, considering what history suggest will happen to them. Sadly the answer is that the execs will make their millions and they don’t really care what happens after that. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that all these companies did their best work when they were smaller, independent studios. When they were trying to do the best they could to compete, not just as a tiny cog in a corporate wheel.
The Bishop


Inbox also-rans

Interesting to see Nintendo so talkative at the moment. I know it’s for investors and they have to, but all the tweets and everything – it’s obvious they know they’re on a roll and are trying to take advantage of it. Which in itself is unusual for them.

I’ll second GC’s recommendation of The Shadow over Innsmouth. I read the complete Lovecraft collection (the snazzy black hardback one) a few years ago and that was the one that really stuck with me. The Colour out of Space I also remember being a short, creepy little tale, but like GC I found The Call of Cthulhu itself strangely unmemorable.
Sparky the Yak

GC: Yes, The Colour out of Space is another great one. At the Mountains of Madness is a bit ponderous, but interesting for its huge influence on everything from the novella The Thing was based on, to Prometheus and all those absurd ancient aliens shows on The History Channel.