Games Inbox: The Legend Of Zelda movie, Shadow Of The Colossus remake changes, and Sonic Mania 2

Games Inbox: Would you watch a Legend Of Zelda movie?

The Legend Of Zelda – would you watch a CGI movie? The evening Inbox hopes Nintendo makes a Metroid mobile game, as on reader hopes for an announcement on Doom 2.


The movie of Zelda

I can appreciate why they would go with a Mario movie first but I hope that if it is a success Nintendo will consider making animated movies based on some of their more series games. I have doubts whether the people behind Minions would be of much help with that but Zelda has such a great mix of serious drama and charming whimsy that I’d love to see it done properly on the big screen.

If they did it live action it’d just end up being serious and looking series, but I could really see a top-of-the-line CGI movie working perfectly. It’d also help to make companies think more of making animated films that aren’t aimed solely at children or are 90% songs/fart jokes.

I know I’m probably hoping for too much, but I think Metroid would work this way too, maybe F-Zero, Xenoblade, and Fire Emblem too. Animal Crossing as well for something else aimed at lower ages. I had great hopes for Sony’s Ratchet & Clank movie, but it was well below the quality of the games and a great disappointment. I hope Nintendo don’t make the same mistakes.


Fearing the worst

Uh-oh, I don’t worry anyone but Sega are hinting they’re going to unveil a new Sonic The Hedgehog game at SXSW in March, the same place they announced Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces. As someone that loved Mania but was as disappointed by Forces as I have been for any game in the last 20 years I really don’t know what to expect, or to even hope.

Sega never seem to learn their lessons with Sonic, but the impression I got was that Sonic Forces had not been a sales hit. Mind you I didn’t get the feeling that Mania had done particularly well either, so I’m not sure that really helps.

I think we can only hope that Mania was cheap to make and that we’ll get at least one sequel from. Who knows what they think would be a good idea to follow-up Forces though. It’s obvious to me that Sonic Team are not the people for the job so maybe hire someone else like Insomniac? That probably makes too much sense though, they’ll never do it.


Viewer friendly

I don’t know about the next Elder Scrolls, but I hope Bethesda announce a new Doom soon. I think it did better than a lot of their other games and I personally loved it, as a throwback to old school first person shooters. I wonder if the problem for Bethesda is a lot of their games are no fun to watch on Twitch or YouTube. I’m not even sure Doom is really, given how fast-paced it is.

As I understand it this has been the main problem publishers have had with single-player games in general, but I think Bethesda games are particularly prone to it. I mean, who wants to watch someone play Prey or Dishonored? They’re great games, but only because they immerse me in the world and make me forget the real one.

I’m not suggesting I’d want Bethesda to change anything to placate the braying idiots of YouTube, but after a string of flops you’ve got to assume that some bean counter has told them to make something more viewer-friendly.
Tony T.


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Racing promotion

I really can’t see Nintendo making a full-on Mario Kart game for mobiles, that seems just a bit too risky. But then again it wouldn’t be multiplayer probably so maybe it’s not impossible. It just seems an odd pick all round though. Of all Nintendo’s franchises Mario Kart is the one that needs the least amount of outside marketing (even the Wii U version sold pretty well) and as far as we know, and makes sense, there isn’t going to be a new console entry any time soon.

Zelda would’ve made more sense, or even more Metroid – considering that’s got an announced game on the way and it’s not as well known as some of Nintendo’s other brands. Or at least that makes more sense to me based on what I thought Nintendo was planning to use their mobile games for.

It’s a shame whatever it’ll be it’ll be free-to-play. They tried to make Super Mario Run fairer with just one up-front payment but the masses spoke and apparently they’d rather be ripped off with microtransactions instead…


Perfect polishing

Loved your review of Shadow Of The Colossus, GC. Didn’t expect to see it so soon, but maybe Sony thought it wasn’t getting enough hype? It does seem a bit of a random remake, but considering it’s one of my favourite games of all time I’m certainly not complaining. I’m glad they haven’t changed anything either. I know that may point some people off, but we don’t want this turning into the video game equivalent of the Star Wars special editions.

My feeling is that if you deem a game worthy of a remake then you recognise it’s of a very special quality, so changing anything but the graphics needs a very good reason to do so. I can see where the controls of Shadow Of The Colossus would fit into that category but as far as I’m concerned the actual design of the game is perfect.


Many hands make light work

I also got stuck on the first Nioh boss very recently. What worked for me was working back through the village a few times to level up, particularly health/body so that I’d just about be able to take a couple of hits.

I found the first part of the fight the hardest, but by dashing in with a high stance/strong hit, and then dodging out, I was able to get to the second part of the fight, where you should dodge the thrown balls and then try and finish him using your Spirit if you can.

I can’t remember if this is an option on the first fight, but for subsequent boss battles I almost always summon a visitor using an Okocho cup if I’m struggling. With two of you it’s much easier!
Matt Woolley (he_who_runs_away – PSN ID)


Top three

RE: Tonto email and Zelda. An interesting observation will be if anyone that has actually played Zelda hasn’t named it number one. I will be surprised if it gets many twos or threes, as those that play it will likely put it number one.

Having said that, if The Last Guardian was last year I may actually put it ahead… but I am definitely in the minority there.

GC: As we mentioned yesterday, Breath Of The Wild has not consistently been number one in the polling so far, and many have not had it at number one in their list. The Last Guardian was (late) 2016, and ended up at number six in that year’s reader’s chart.


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British history

I hope I find the fine readers of GameCentral in good health.

I’m a long-time reader…and I mean long time. I go back to the Digitiser/Teletext days and miss me some Mr T and his bins. Anyway, the reason I’m writing is because I’m looking for some help. I aim to write a glorious book that covers the history of British game development through the 80s and 90s.

Quick synopsis. I am going to cover great developers and publishers such as U.S. Gold, Psygnosis, Elite, Bullfrog, Ocean, and many others. How they got started, highlight some of the games and look at what happened to each company. Just as a tester, I have written an article that explains everything in more detail and even the first draft of my first chapter of the book that covers Imagine Software. You can read it right here.

I have also set up a Go Fund Me where I hope I can rise the money to make the book as amazing as I can. A lot of the work has already been done as I’ve been researching this for the last 12 months and have already got three chapters written up in the first draft. More details are in the links provided.

I hope that GameCentral allow me to hijack their Inbox to shamefully promote my goal. Even if you don’t feel like donating, a share or 10,000 over them there social medias could also prove to be a big help.
Steve Perrin


Inbox also-rans

I really wish Nintendo had given up the idea of charging for their online service. I know it’s cheap but that only underlines how it would’ve been better as free and something they can show they aren’t ripping people off on. At the very least they need to bring in cloud saves for it. Can’t believe they haven’t got that yet.

Out of interest, GC, what would you say is the best Lovecraft story? I was thinking of getting a collection and wanted to make sure the best ones were included.

GC: We think the best is probably The Shadow over Innsmouth. A lot of his stories are rather dry though, and he was more of an ideas man than a great writer. Call of Cthulhu, for example, is surprisingly awful.