Five trendy ways to use florals in home decor

Big, bold flower petal prints are everywhere in today’s homes. But how can you incorporate roses and tulips into your home design without it looking like a garden exploded in your living room? Read on for five tips to incorporate florals into your home. 

1. Use floral patterns as accents, not the main motif.

A little goes a long way, says Abbie Jacobson, a Chicago interior designer. “Use on an accent wall, throw pillows, framed artwork, or in an area rug,” she recommends. When using floral prints, it’s important to have a clean, solid backdrop to offset the busyness of the flowers. In bedrooms, florals are easy to incorporate in linens, duvets, and shams; in dining rooms, in upholstered chairs; in living rooms, in curtains or throw pillows. In kitchens, Jacobson suggests decals on an accent wall. “It gives you a quick fix on design trends,” she says. “If you tire of the design, all you need to do is simply remove the decals.”

2. Choose large, abstract, geometric prints.

The trend is flowers with big shapes and bold colors, not the dainty pastel variety that evokes great-grandma’s house. “My go-to is Marimekko,” says Jacobson of the timeless Finnish flower print known for its simple designs and bright colors. Though it’s been a design staple since 1951, it still looks fresh and appealing today. 

3. Make floral art.

Buying or making artwork, which can be as simple as pressing flowers from your garden into a framed canvas, is an easy way to highlight the floral home trend, Jacobson says. “Paint a floral canvas, buy antique botanical drawings, or take some Marimekko fabric and stretch it on a wood frame to use as a headboard or wall art.”

4. Keep the look balanced.

Use neutral colors to balance a dazzling floral print. “Start with a timeless, cool, relaxed color as the focus of the room,” Jacobson says. “I like using white as my base color. But that means keeping in mind the light exposure of your room. If it has northern exposure, your walls may appear a little grayer with a blue hue. If your room has a southern exposure, your walls may have a little warmer and softer appearance.” Consult with a paint store pro to set yourself up for floral success. 

5. Make the most of wallpaper.

Install floral wallpaper on one wall and treat it as a piece of art –– it will become the room’s focal point. “Incorporate a color from the wallpaper into the color palette for the rest of the room to create a cohesive look,” Jacobson says. Use that color in the area rug, upholstery, or drapery. When choosing a pattern, consider ink-drawn-inspired wallpaper, which highlights the clean, crisp lines of modern graphic design.